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Peak Pilates

Spent the last two days participating in a certification workshop through Peak Pilates for my basic MAT cert. Wow. I haven't done pilates before preparing for this class, and it is HARD. I have problems with my upper body flexibility, and man, it was apparent in a lot of exercises.

However, I'm totally motivated to use Pilates and my newfound knowledge to help my body correct itself, get stronger, better, and learn more! Maybe next year this time I'll be talking about how much better I am and taking my certification for Intermediate MAT!

Tomorrow: teaching an Xtend Barre class at the Scripps/Poway studio for some friends. Excited!


Back on Track: Back from Vegas

Time to get back on track, back to work, back to planning out my fitness future!!

Vegas was amazing, and although we walked around a lot...it doesn't really count as working out! Even though my feet were killing me and I have the blisters to prove it!

Today I went running, and Ryan loaded up my pack so I can start wearing it for training for our Sierra backpacking trip. Right now it weighs 17 lbs, and ideally I'll work up to 25 lbs for the actual trip. My plan is to take Lucille for a walk this evening and try wearing it around the neighborhood, funny looks from the neighbors I'm sure!!


Blah: Feeling

Today is the first day in quite awhile I haven't done much of anything. I came home from a busy morning at the store and an afternoon of teaching training and lunch with some co-workers to lay down in bed for awhile so I could digest some lunch before I ran, and I'm still in bed 3 hours later.

My body is what's tired more than my head. Laying here I can feel my legs lightly throbbing. Either I'm just a lazy sloth, or I've been doing more than my body is ready for lately. I think it's probably a combination of both.

Tomorrow is busy too, but my goal is to get up and walk the pup before work...well, I think Ryan will take her hiking. Maybe just go for a walk myself, start the day out right as it is. And also to go running FOR SURE when I get home from doing the training class tomorrow. And then gym and walk the dog on Thursday before we leave for Vegas Friday morning!


What is Hump Day anyway?

Today wasn't bad at work. I was pretty active, tinting paint, doing some plan-o-gram-ing stuff. When I got home Ryan was leaving to go get his car washed and pick up some dry cleaning so I went with, and when we went home I did his second "trainer" workout!

We jogged a mile with Lucille for a warm up then did the following exercises:

Supine Pelvic Tilts
Front Plank
Side Plank
Standing Woodchops (only half the exercise until the core is stabilized)
Rotating Trunk
Knee Bent Crunch
Glut Bridge
Single Leg Squats

and then stretching! Not too bad, but I'm going to have to start mixing in some workouts at the gym too. I need more cardio, biking or elliptical, and there are exercises I want to do for myself I need steps and cables for, and for Ryan he needs more upper body weight than I can do at home with my baby dumbbells. I'm not quite in the financial position to invest in more equipment when we already pay for the gym! Aindrea is here this weekend so maybe we can take Lu on a little hike or to the dog park, and I can still get my jogs in. I'm feeling faster, but I haven't timed myself yet, so we'll see.


Today is Anniversary Day

President's Day. Let me tell you, I find it annoying when I answer the phone and I hear "Are you open today?" What national retail store ISN'T open today? That's a better question. Plus, did you hear me just answer the phone? I'm not doing it for my health, trust me.

So work was boring today, but that's nothing new. Went grocery shopping after work and got things to make Frat Brats, Thai Chicken Broccolli stuff, and then a pasta salad with turkey and feta.

Got home and laid on the couch and watched some Olympics, almost felt like sleeping, but managed to get myself up and went for a job with Ryan and Lucille. Just went for a mile, I feel like I could step up the distance some...but I'm so hesitant with my knee problems to push it. I do really like running in the Vibrams though. They are feeling more and more natural.

Had the Thai Spicy Chicken stuff for dinner, mmmm. Now time to relax because all the loads of laundry are done and my poor aching back is ... well ... aching.


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I hope you had a chance to feel loved today!

Woke up feeling slightly headachey/dehydrated from the bottle of champagne I drank with Jess last night...but dragged my butt out of bed to walk over to the dog park and let Lucille play herself out until exhaustion.

Fell asleep on the couch for most of the afternoon, then had dinner at Stone Brewery in Escondido with Ryan! Ate super rich food, lobster pot pie and chocolate bacon pie, but feeling good and ready to start hitting up the healthy food for grocery shopping tomorrow and the gym. Or maybe just a jog, but something, definitely.

I'm giving up beer for Lent, so tonight was pretty much my last one until after Easter. sigh. I do love a good beer.


Spreading Vibrams

Today I went with Ryan to buy his own pair of Vibram Five Fingers!! Man, he had a hard time even finding a pair, they're sold out everywhere. Yesterday he went to Birkenstock in Encinitas, and they had some he could try on so he could at least find out his size, but they weren't the right style. REI is sold out, and Adventure 16 in O'side, but the one in Solana Beach had one pair his size and the right style (KSO), but they were on hold for someone else! The guy hasn't come in though to get them, so when he called back today the guy working said he could just come and buy them.

We were going to take Lucille to the Del Mar dog beach, but man was it packed! I guess that's what happens with a 70 degree sunny Saturday afternoon, so instead of circling for parking and trying to deal with her fearfulness with that many people/dogs we gave up and went back towards home.

We went straight to the canyon behind the house to hike/walk down with Lu, so Ryan took off the flipflops and had his first Vibram experience on the trail! He liked them, yay! It was hard where it was really rocky (since it's not a real groomed trail, just a river wash), but he said there were only about 5 steps that hurt his feet.

So there we go. Spreading the Vibram love. Get yours now!